What are the components of the structure of a large truck?
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There are five major parts: vehicle body, underframe, running gear, coupler and buffer device, and braking system.

Car body: It is the upper carriage used to accommodate goods.

Underframe: The load-bearing frame under the vehicle floor.

Running gear: Generally, it consists of two sets of bogies, each with two wheel sets. The bogie and underframe are connected flexibly, which means that the vehicle body and underframe are placed on the bogie.

Coupler and buffer device: Couplers are used to connect vehicles, and buffer devices are used to alleviate the collision force of vehicles during connection and running.

Braking system: including air ducts, cylinders, brake cylinders, brake levers, brake shoes, exhaust valves, etc.

What are the components of a large truck?

The overall structure of commonly used cars is basically composed of four parts: engine, chassis, body, and electrical equipment.

1: Engine - The engine is the power unit of a car. The function is to convert the heat generated by fuel combustion into mechanical energy, providing power for the car.

2: Chassis - The chassis receives engine power, allowing the car to move and ensure normal driving. The chassis consists of a transmission system, a driving system, a steering system, and a braking system.

Transmission system: composed of clutch, gearbox, universal transmission device, drive axle, etc. The function is to transmit engine power to the driving wheels.

Driving system: composed of frame, axle, wheels, suspension, etc. The function is to arrange, install, and connect various car assemblies to support the entire vehicle and ensure its operation.

Steering system: composed of steering wheel, steering gear, and steering transmission device. The function is to ensure that the car travels in the direction specified by the driver.

Braking system: composed of brakes, automatic transmission devices, brake assist devices, etc. The function is to slow down and stop during driving.

Vehicle body - used to accommodate drivers, passengers, or cargo. The passenger car is a complete body, and the truck is divided into a driver's cab and a cargo box.

Electrical equipment - provides power for the starting, driving, and auxiliary facilities of automobiles. Mainly composed of power supply, starting system, ignition system, as well as automotive lighting, signal, auxiliary electrical facilities, etc.

The above is only the construction of ordinary cars, and special cars for different purposes will be even more complex.

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