What are the symptoms of a broken car tie rod ball joint?
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If the ball joint of the pull rod is damaged, it will jolt the road section, make a clicking noise, cause the car to be unstable, sway left and right, brake to deviate, direction failure, excessive ball joint clearance, and easily break when subjected to impact loads. Repair as soon as possible to avoid danger.

The outer ball head refers to the hand lever ball head, while the inner ball head refers to the steering gear lever ball head. The outer ball joint refers to the inner ball joint that is not connected together and must work together. The steering wheel ball head is connected to the sheep horn, and the hand lever ball head is connected to the parallel rod. Loosening the ball joint of the steering tie rod can lead to steering deviation, tire damage, steering wheel shaking, and in severe cases, the ball joint may fall off, causing the wheel to instantly fall off. It is recommended to replace it in a timely manner to avoid safety hazards.

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